Saptak Sengupta

Human Rights Centered Web Developer

mail [at] saptaks [dot] website | Github | LinkedIn | Twitter

Who am I?

Hi, I am Saptak S.
I'm a self-proclaimed Human Rights Centered Web Developer. I prefer to focus on security, privacy, accessibility, localization, and other human rights associated with websites that makes websites more inclusive and usable by everyone. I believe that you can still make great UIs while respecting user's fundamental human rights.

I am working as a web developer contractor and consultant. I have been an active contributor and maintainer in various different Open Source projects and communities. Onionshare, The A11y Project, Wagtail and Tumpa are some of the projects I am actively upstream contributing to. I have previously worked with other open source organisations and projects like FOSSASIA, jQuery, OONI, Weblate to name a few. I am also part of communities like Open Source Design and Human Rights Centered Design

I used to be in various different conferences all over the world when travel was safe. Now I am mostly active in various community calls and online events. Sometimes I give talks and write blogs about things I have recently worked on, mostly in the topic of web development. I also was the lead for the Security chapter in 2021's web almanac.