OnionShare is an open source tool that lets you securely and anonymously share a file of any size. I am working with the team on improving, adding and maintaining different features of OnionShare. working in Flask and PyQT.

The A11Y Project

The A11Y Project is a website catered towards various contents and resources related to web accessibility. "Accessibility is incredibly important, yet often overlooked in traditional digital design and development education. Because of this, The A11Y Project strives to be a living example of how to create beautiful, accessible, and inclusive digital experiences."


TUMPA stands for The Usability Minded PGP Application. It is aimed to make creation of PGP key and using them with smartcards (like yubikey) much simpler and user-friendly so that it's not a barrier towards better security


Wagtail is a django based, feature-rich Content Management Site. Organisations including Google, NASA, and the British NHS use Wagtail. Have been part of Wagtail accessibility team since 2021 and helped draft the accessibility statement, as well as implement, annotate and triage accessibility in the admin UI.

Web Almanac

Web Almanac is HTTP Archive's annual report on the state of web covering various chapters. In 2021 and 2022, I lead the security chapter for Web Almanac. I also helped with development to implement Webmentions for each chapter.


"Affect is a disability-led effort to create resources that amplify multiply marginalized folx and embody disability justice." I helped in implementing the redesign for the website.

US Press Freedom Tracker

US Press Freedom Tracker is a database of press freedom incidents in the United States. The Press Freedom Tracker documents incidents across the country, involving national, state and local authorities. I primarily help in maintaining and worked in redesigning of the website as part of my contract with Freedom of the Press Foundation.

Freedom of the Press Foundation website

FPF website is the landing page of the foundation and also a collection of resources such as blogs, training materials, books created by the Digital Security team of FPF. I primarily help in maintaining the website as part of my contract with Freedom of the Press Foundation.


Worked with the Securedrop Team to replace different Javascript features by CSS-only implementations so as the tool is still functional without any loss in UX at highest security of Tor browser. Worked mostly in CSS and writing Selenium tests. Currently working in maintaining the landing page website, while also reviewing accessibility issues in the securedrop project.

Openproject landing page websites

Openproject is an Open Source project management software. I worked with the Openproject team to migrate the landing page website (including documentations) from wordpress to a static site generator based approach using middleman.


Open Observatory of Network Interference (OONI) is a free software, global observation network for detecting censorship, surveillance and traffic manipulation on the internet. I contributed in improving design implementation in the main website, while also working on OONI Explorer to implement different features


Weblate is a web-based continuous localization platform used by over 1150 libre software projects. I worked in the Weblate project along with the team to improve frontend implementations and also improve API works. Most of the work involves Django and jQuery


Worked actively in various refactoring and adding shadow DOM features in vanilla Javascript to the core jQuery codebase. Also helped in fixing bugs and issues in different modules.

OTF Result & Impact

Worked with the Ura Design Team to implement the result and impacts page for Open Technology Fund. Most of the work was focused towards frontend development using just HTML & CSS along with making it responsive for different screen sizes and compatible with different browsers.

2020 Demo Week - Prototype Fund

Prototype Fund is a funding program of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) that is managed and evaluated by the Open Knowledge Foundation Germany. Demo Week 2020 by Prototype Fund was an online event showcasing different projects submitted during the funding period.


Bomkesh is a tool to monitor and block your mobile network traffic. I am working with Kushal Das on implementing a tool to make it easier for users to monitor their mobile network traffic better to see which all network interactions are happening even when phone not in use. Working mostly in Python and Flask


Drover is a mobile website for organisers of events of gatherings to communicate. Worked as Full Stack Developer making the entire application, using Django, jQuery and PostgreSQL.